Poppin Code is a website that teaches people about coding and digital technology.


Some common reasons that people come here:

  • Some people come here because they have kids who want to learn how to make games.
  • Some people register their kids here so that they can be ready for the digital technologies classes at school.
  • Others are actually code-curious adults who would like a fun and creative introduction to learning about coding and making things on computers.

Whatever the motivation is, Poppin Code aims to bring in people who would like to learn how to make things on computers, and we help them to learn how to do that through making games, animations, and exploring technology in a really hands-on and fun way.

Poppin Code is a recent Australian initiative founded by Ricky and Celia Vuckovic, a husband and wife team in Canberra. Ricky is a professional creative technologist, started coding at the age of 4, and has been coding and educating others for his whole life. Celia has a background in linguistics, creativity and play in education.

Together, we aim to teach people practical computer coding and creation skills in a way that is fun and creative, and it is built on solid online educational design principles and experience in teaching coding and technology.


We both believe that the best way to learn new things is through play and hands on activities, so we have designed Poppin Code with fun, creativity and curiosity in mind.

Many of the coding lessons involve creating interactive stories and games, and there is a fun approach to the way the concepts are taught.

It’s not just about “coding” though – Poppin Code is about the wider world of digital literacy and technology education. Not every child wants to become a programmer, but almost every child will need some level of understanding of the digital world around them, and how to approach it with confidence, knowledge and a positive attitude.

poppin-code-ricky-vuckovic        poppin-code-celia-vuckovic

With over fifteen years experience in online education, Ricky designs and delivers each Poppin Code course as a series of engaging video lessons that are as easy to watch as YouTube or iView.

Kids and early coding adults easily learn new concepts through a combination of watching the lessons and participating in the activities that stem from these.

Unlike watching videos on YouTube, Poppin Code lessons are expertly and carefully crafted, and we never show ads or harmful comments that get in the way of learning.

Many of our courses are guided by the new Australian Curriculum for Digital Technologies, and we’ve worked hard to design them to meet the standards and expectations set by this.

As parents ourselves we understand how hard it is to be across everything that your child is learning. To help you engage with what your child is achieving through Poppin Code, you will get an email notification that lets you know each course your child has completed, as well as an idea of the topics covered and even some conversation starters to encourage your child to share some of the awesome things they have been learning and working on.

We hope you love learning with Poppin Code as much as we love making it 🙂