Poppin Code helps people to learn about coding and digital technologies. You might be interested in learning yourself, or perhaps you have a child and you would like them to learn.

We teach people entirely through this website, so you can learn at any time you like, in your own comfort.

Poppin Code is a subscription site, where you sign up and get access to every course that we have. This way, you can explore and learn from any course that you like, rather than having to choose just one. Also, you automatically get access to any new courses that we release!

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What’s inside a typical course?

Our courses are split up into multiple lessons. Each lesson is a short video that teaches you something about the course topic, and each lesson usually ends with something practical for you to work on and try out for yourself.

Many of our courses involve working on fun projects. For example, the “Make a game in Scratch” course will teach you how to use Scratch to code a fun game. It is taught over 10 lessons, with each lesson showing you how to add a particular feature to the game. By the middle of the course, you will have a really simple game that you can play. By the end of the course, you will have a much more complete game made, as well as some ideas and skill in how to extend it or make a whole new game all by yourself.


As a result, we don’t have assignments or online quizzes in our courses. We think that our coding students learn best when they get to enjoy hands-on creative projects that result in them being able to say “hey wow, I made a cool game, do you want to play it?”, rather than scoring 80% on a multiple choice quiz but having nothing tangible to show for it.

Coding education is the perfect place for hands-on learning, fun, and even exploring the concept of failing and being stuck for a little while, and then working towards figuring it out and feeling great at solving a problem. Learning how to code is a great way to develop not only logical and computational thinking, but also creative problem solving and experimentation.

email-summaryIf you are a parent and you have registered your child on Poppin Code, each time your child completes a course, you will get an email about it. This email lets you know the course your child has completed, as well as some quick information on the kinds of learning activities they will have achieved, and if you are not from a technical background yourself, we even provide some handy conversation ideas that you can have with your child to get them to share their learning with you, and for you to encourage them further.


Sounds good. How do I start?

The first step is to sign up to Poppin Code and create your account.

After that, you will get an email with login details to Poppin Code.

Log in, pick a course, and start a lesson.

Have a great time learning!


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