One of the great things about Poppin Code is that a subscription to the site gives you access to every course we offer. This is also the trickiest part of being new to coding: where to begin??


New to codingIcon for the intro to coding in scratch course

Start with the  “Intro to coding in Scratch” course. Scratch is a popular tool for beginner coders as young as 6 years old. It is very visual and quick to get into, with a fun library of pre-made graphics and sounds that new coders can use to make games and animations.

Scratch helps people learn the basics of putting computer instructions together very quickly, but it also has plenty of room to delve further with its ability to do the core computer programming tasks of loops, decisions and variables.

At Poppin Code we suggest starting with Intro to coding in Scratch, and then branching off into either Making animations in Scratch or Make a game in Scratch (or do both!) and stepping up to Coding challenges in Scratch after that.


Icon for intro to coding in UnitySome experience in coding languages such as Python, Java, etc.

Intro to coding in Unity is the place for you. Unity is professional coding software used by app developers, game creators and exhibition designers all around the world, and there is a free version that you can learn with and make awesome creations in.

The Intro to coding in Unity course will set you up with the basics of using Unity, coding in C# (C Sharp) and making a car drive around a 3D landscape (you can even use a game controller with this), as well as some basic 3D physics and a virtual village to walk around. There’s a bonus lesson here too if you have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

You should also check out the Augmented Reality course if you have a webcam on your computer.


Icon for unplugged codingCoding without using a computer?

Check out our Unplugged coding course to learn from some fun coding activities that can be done on paper, cards, and conversation. We will be adding more unplugged activities soon.


Icon for parts of a digital systemI just want to look at interesting things and learn without doing projects

Parts of a digital system gives a great introduction to all the bits that live inside a computer, without asking you to open up your own computer or smartphone.

You might also enjoy the first half of the Augmented Reality course where we talk about computer vision, the ways that technology can “see” and recognise things.