1. How much does Poppin Code cost?

Poppin Code is a subscription site, where an active membership gives one student access to everything on the site.

An annual subscription costs $99 per year,
and a monthly subscription costs $10 per month.

A subscription grants a student access to everything on the site, which includes a constantly growing list of courses, lessons and activities.

Students also get access to hundreds of dollars worth of extra resources such as 3D models, sounds and artwork to use in their learning projects and experiments.


2. What if I have a big group of kids that I want to sign up?

If you are a school, organisation or an association with a big group of students to sign up, then the best first step is to reach out to us on email first. We might be able to work out a discounted bulk pricing, and we can also chat about what administrative or reporting needs you might have alongside this bulk enrolment.

Please email us at hello@poppincode.com.au


3. Can I register myself as an adult?

Yes of course! The course topics and the way we teach lessons is definitely suitable for both adults and children.

The registration process for signing yourself up as an adult will seem a bit weird because the current process is structured as a dual login system for parents/schools and the kids/students that they oversee. For now, you’ll be signing yourself up in boxes that ask for “child’s name”… sorry about that.

The thing to be conscious of when you’re signing up as yourself is that you will be creating 2 accounts. When you sign up, you’ll make a “master account” that handles your subscription, billing info and basic reporting, and then you’ll also create the “student account” which is what you’ll use for day-to-day logging in and doing the courses and lessons. You will get the login and password info for your student account through an email after registering.


4. Can I sign up for just one month?

Yes, you sure can sign up for just one month.

Please click the link below for a quick guide on the process:
How to sign up to Poppin Code for just one month


5. I signed up, but nothing happens when I click the lessons inside a course

Short version: You might be accidentally using your master account rather than a student login. You need to log in as a student to do the courses and lessons.

Longer explanation: When you register an account on Poppin Code, 2 different types of account are made: a master account, and then student accounts for any students/children registered. We do this so that parents/schools can have their billing info separate from what the students see.

The master account is the one that is linked to the email and password you created on signing up, and this login takes care of billing, renewals, and you can see some basic stats on which courses have been completed so far. These master accounts can also reset passwords for any students in their subscription.

The second account that is created is the “student account”, and that is the one to use for doing the courses and watching the lessons.

When you register with Poppin Code, you create the master account using an email address and password that you choose, and you should get an automatic email upon registering with the details of your student login and password.


6. I never received the welcome email with the student login info

That’s really annoying, but it has happened to some people.

First thing to try:

The first place to check is your junk mail or spam folder as your email software or hotmail/gmail/yahoo/etc might have incorrectly thought that the welcome email was junk.

The email would have been sent by hello@poppincode.com.au , and would have a subject line like “Thank you for signing up to Poppin Code”


If that doesn’t work, then you can reset the student login with your master account:

If you can’t find the message in any junk folders, you can manually reset the student password by logging into your master account.

  1. Log into Poppin Code with the email address and password that you signed up with.
  2. This should automatically take you into your account management page, but if it doesn’t then click the big red “Manage your subscription” button up the top right of the page.
  3. Scroll down that page to find the “Children Subscribed” section.
  4. In there, you should see a child account in there, you’ll see their username, and a box for Password. You can type in a new password directly into this Password box, and click the red Update button to set it.
  5. You can then test it out by logging out, and then try log in again using the student’s username and password.


7. Talking to your child about what they are learning

The lessons in Poppin Code do their best to give a sense of personality and connection with your child, but it’s even better if you are able to talk with them about the things they are learning. This can be tricky if you don’t have a background in coding or technology.

One of the main themes in the coding courses here is, “here is one way to do it, but now it’s your turn to go and experiment and have fun making your own creations”. Poppin Code actively encourages play and creativity in learning, and we also throw in the occasional, “don’t forget to show off your work to your friends and family”, so a simple but powerful way to help your children learn is to make time to be around to watch and play their creations.

When your child completes a course on Poppin Code, you should automatically receive an email letting you know that they finished a course, as well as some information on the kinds of things your child will have been learning in that course, and any special projects they may have been working on and might want to show you. This way, you can avoid the vague “How is it going?”, “..umm.. good?” conversations, and instead be able to chat about “Hey, I heard that the course teaches you to make a little car that drives around the screen. Can you show me?”, “Yeah come look at this!”

If you have the time, you might even be able to watch one of the intro lessons together with your child and do the first activity or two together. This would help give you some common ground to be able to chat about the concepts that come up later in that course.

Poppin Code tries its best to keep your child motivated, learning and rewarded while working through the lessons, but your child getting time to talk with you away from the courses are what can really help solidify that motivation and feeling of achievement.

We end a lot of our lessons reminding kids to have fun with whatever they are learning, and we also wish you a similar joy in you being able to talk about coding and technology with your child 🙂

8. The videos keep stopping and starting

Many of the lessons on Poppin Code involve video. Usually, if you can watch a video smoothly on YouTube, you should be able to watch a lesson just fine on Poppin Code.

If your video playback stutters (it plays fine for a few seconds then stops, then continues again a second or two later then stops again), it means that your internet connection is not keeping up with the size of the incoming video.

There are 2 quick things you can try to see if it helps your video play smoothly:

1. Switch to a lower quality video

Switching to a lower quality video means that the video you’re streaming is a bit smaller, and therefore puts less strain on your connection (at a cost of the video not looking as sharp as it normally would).

To do this, click on the little “HD” button at the bottom-right of the video that’s playing.


A quality menu will pop up. The bigger the number, the higher the quality. Normally, the lessons are at 720p, so you should try 540p or 360p and see if they work smoother for you.


2. Purposely pause the video for a few seconds at the start to let your computer “buffer” enough video ahead of time

Your videos are probably stuttering because your computer is struggling to download the video quickly enough in order to play the video while also grabbing the next few seconds of the video ahead of time. It’s a bit like those old cartoons where a character would be frantically running and laying down railway tracks a few meters ahead of the fast moving train that’s about to run out of track!

You can ease the load by purposely pausing the video when it starts playing, and waiting around 20 seconds. This gives your computer an extra 20 seconds of time to download more of the video ahead of time before you start watching it.


Other things to try if the above two ideas don’t work

  • If you’re using a machine on a WiFi/wireless network, try move closer to your WiFi router – you might be in an area with weak signal that is stopping you from streaming the video quickly enough.
  • Try reduce the amount of things using your network at the time you are watching videos. Your internet connection might be struggling between serving Poppin Code videos as well as also checking emails and someone else watching NetFlix or streaming Spotify or downloading apps all at the same time.
  • The good old cliche “switch your computer off and then on again” trick can work wonders for clearing out weird things that are clogging up your system, so it’s worth a shot.
9. How do I cancel my subscription?

Sorry to see you go, and we hope that you got something valuable out of Poppin Code for the time that you were on 🙂

Step 1 – Log into your master account.
This is the account you signed up with. The username would be your email address, and the password is whatever you set it to. If you’re unsure of your password, you can give it a guess and if you get it wrong there should be a “FORGOT PASSWORD?” link up the very top right above the login box. That should give you some steps for resetting your password.

Once you are logged in, you should be taken to a page named “Account Details”. If not, there should be a big red “Manage your subscription” button up the top right that takes you here.

If your big red button up the top says “Manage your profile” instead, then that means that you are logged in as a student instead of the main account.


Step 2 – Manage your subscription and take out the auto renew.
Once you are logged in and in the “Account Details” screen for managing your subscription, scroll down the page until you’re in a “Children Subscribed” section.

You should see a Licence Key and Username spot for any students/children on your account. There will be a little tick box named “Auto renew” that you can tick on and off.

Untick the auto renew box (make it empty) and then press the big red Update button underneath.


Step 3 – Check that you have unsubscribed.
When you press that big red update button, the account page should reload a couple of seconds later. Scroll back down to that Children Subscribed area you should see some text saying “This subscription will expire on…”. You’ll know that you’ve cancelled because it has the words “will expire on” instead of “will renew on”.


What if these steps don’t work?
If you’ve tried the steps above and it’s not working for you, please email us at hello@poppincode.com.au , and we will help.